What are Tibetan Figure 8's?

John Thie:, DC: Touch for Health:  A Guide to Natural Health With Acupressure
Touch (254)

"Of the many subsidiary energy flows to the primary meridians, Tibetan medicine
mentions one which circles in a Figure 8 pattern along the body's front and back,
as well as in smaller patterns around the body.  Sometimes, balancing using the
following exercise (Tibetan Figure 8's) results in immediate positive change in
healing time, joint mobility and pain."

Donna Eden:
The Energy Medicine Handout Bank:  Tibetan Energy Rings and
Celtic Weave. (2007)

"The body's energies spin, spiral, curve, twist, crisscross and weave themselves
into patterns of magnificent beauty.  I call these energies the Celtic Weave pattern.  
In the East, it has been called the "Tibetan Energy Ring...A special type of figure
eight pattern that sits within the Celtic Weave is distinguished by pronounced
movement with greater luminescence...I believe this is the energy referred to as the
Rings, spoken of in ancient healing traditions emerging from Tibet."

Bruce A J Dewe, MD:
Tibetan Energy and Vitality:  Timeless Ways to Increase
Your Energy and Vitality (6).

Figure 8 Energy Flow:  These energies are described in the book Touch for
Health, by Dr. John F. Thie DC, as subsidiary energy pathways.  Our experience
has shown them to be extremely powerful energy corrections which can be sued to
balance the energy of other systems in the body.  They appear to have a high
priority in the healing continuum."

In Learning Tibetan Energy Skills Improves Your Health and Well Being, Dr. Bruce
Dewe cites the following benefits from using Tibetan Figure 8's:

Benefits of Improving "Figure 8 Flows':

1.  Relief of pain

2.  Reduction in swelling

3.  Increased movement of affected joints

4.  Skin blemishes and scars may fade

5.  Improvements in function and flexibility

6.  Greater alertness and centeredness

7.  More energy and vitality
Tibetan Figure Eights
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